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Have you made hetalia stars? by any chance? or can i commission you?


Oh gosh, I was actually thinking of doing Hetalia ones, but right now they’re on the bottom of my “to do” list and aren’t a priority. I’m also not open for commissions due to work + gotta revamp my prices, HOWEVER, I may make an exception depending on the characters! If you’d like me to do a Hetalia group (like the Axis, the Baltics, the Nordics, etc.) I can do them so I can sell them at Fanime/online, whereas a single character or a varied group of characters (like idk- China, Switzerland, and Turkey) might have to wait until I am open for commissions since they’re more specific.

Just message me off-anon if you’d like to discuss it further! Thank youuuu

ACTUALLY ANON I take this back slightly, I think I might do Hetalia ones for my very last set if I can find time! I got a cute idea for them so I really want to get it done by Fanime aaaaa

I wanted to try black and white stars and of course I had to do Oyasumi Punpun ones 8,) giving my printer a rest from color printing huhu

I will be selling these and more paper stars here at Fanime and in my store!

The main Kill la Kill girls! I wanted to add Satsuki with short hair and Senketsu but I like how simple these are.

More paper stars here and I will be selling them at Fanime and my online store soon!

I spend most of the day out if the house and finishing these up at night so I post them super late aha, but Earthbound paper star patterns! I feel really good lately about these, they’re so satisfying to finish aaaa, and also some paper shenanigans

Will be selling these and others at Fanime and also in my store afterwards! zzzzzzzz

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Hi~ this might be weird to ask but a few days a go you put up a wip of an inking you were doing for a zine and I thought your lining was really full of personality! All your strokes were so nice and varied I was wondering if you would ever do a video maybe of you inking if you could. I'd love to see how you handle line width!

Oh gosh thank you so much! ;x; Im still learning how to do lining, especially traditional, so it was full of experimenting and having fun. I don’t know how I could record myself drawing it, but I can try to see what I could do ;w; it’s basically trying to feel the brush’s movements and applying pressure in the right direction to catch the heavy strokes and fading off to thinner lines, I think!

Oh right, sketchbook photos! Featuring Tim’s katamari cousin Astro, and some photos taken inbetween studying

IT IS 2AM BUT I DID IT!! I couldn’t wait to post this tomorrow so I’m doing it now

I haven’t made any paper star patterns in a while, and I am SUPER HAPPY with these Steven Universe ones! ;u; I love this style and I am definately going to be making more ahhh more paper star patterns here

I will be selling these at Fanime! I will put the rest in my shop afterwards too

more of my paper stars here woo


I’m gonna be at the Fanime Artist Alley this year for the first time!! I’m soooo happy this has been my dream since I first went to Fanime years ago ahhh QvQ

Anyway so I will be closing my shop in a a few days or a week or so to focus on AA prep (along with school things too). and I will take this chance to draw all the fanart I’ve been meaning to draw in foreverrrr. I might also ask to see what people might be interested in too! Hurray!

I was interviewed by Simone Collins from the cool art commission website ArtCorgi about the Katamari Collab I’m hosting!! Super amazed to be in an article /u\

Thank you to the artists who I asked to be in the article! It was hard picking only a few, but I can’t wait to show everyone the final piece with everyone’s submission on it aaaaaa

If you’re curious to see the other pictures, browse through the #katamaricollab or #katamari collab tag on both twitter and tumblr!

Oh hello I made some little bear and bunny stickers yesterday while testing my copic markers!! I’m keeping a few but I am selling these two sets in my storenvy! Please take them home ;w;

sooo I totally gave in and got some charm wipers done! I’m really excited for these oh gosh QvQ hexagons and cute charms aaaa

preorders are open on my storenvy!

but Rolos what the heckie is a charm wiper? Charm wipers are puffy plastic/fabric charms with a soft, velvet backing to help clean screens of things! Like game consoles or phones, how cool is that. More info is on the page




The Asian Pacific Islander zine is taking submissions for its (first!) summer issue!

We’re looking for all types of media for a digital zine that we plan on releasing in summer 2014.  The idea is that we’ll sell the pdf on gumroad (or a similar platform) and split the profits evenly between all contributors.

Since this is our first issue, the themes are pretty open but we’re particularly interested in explorations of diaspora, identity, culture and/or any little thing that makes you happy

Do you identify as Asian/Pacific Islander?  Do you draw comics, illustrations, make music, or take photos?  Would you like to create a collaborative work with other creative people?  Then please submit!

Submission deadline for the summer issue is July 1st, 2014.

Detailed submission guidelines are here.

Questions?  Feel free to send us an ask or email batsa at

Reblogs appreciated!  Thanks for reading!


Hello all!! I’m helping my friend batsa with this awesome zine and I’ll be contributing my own comic Invincible to it! Anyone who identifies as Asian or Pacific Islander or is mixed, of any gender or sexuality or religion or anything, is welcome to join!

And since this zine is primarily digital, music, videos, and any other of forms of art are accepted.

I’ll be posting a few more comic pages from Invincible in the future, but the full comic will be in this zine ! Please spread the word and consider contributing! >u<

a bundle of stuff from today!

a cover for my sketchbook, Yvette the chicken farmer gal, and a WIP of a speedpaint gone too long

I made a poster for my school’s swing club! I’m super proud of it so I wanted to post it here QvQ editing out all the important information huhu. Ive been wanting to practice graphic design so I’ve been making posters for/with student clubs and faculty at school. I still have a lot to learn!! My classmade had the paper texture and made a rough layout and I did all the rest.

Oh! The fonts are Kavaler Kursive, Futura Md BT, and Rockwell

I also made this a photoset, so kind of a repost, but a WIP of a comic Im making for a zine!