More merch! I’ve actually had these designs for a while but finally got around to organizing them ahahah

I also have a little bit left in my Designated Fanime Budget, so I’m testing out cute little double-sided charms made from clear acrylic! Featuring Link and Ravio from A Link Between Worlds and the duos from Ace Attorney and Professor Layton! You can preorder the acrylic charms here until May 3-ish ;w;

If you’d like to pick them up at Fanime, let me know in the comments and I can reimburse you shipping at the con. (Just in case they won’t arrive by then, I can still mail them to you!)

I’ve also hidden most of the other things in my shop as well and will be closing it soon. It will re-open with all my paper-stars and other goodies after Fanime! Wooo!

A thing I drew last night! Backyard photo~

I realized I have not made a single Zelda thing and that is a crime, so I’m getting little zipper pouches with these patterns on them! *u* I think these will arrive by Fanime, fingers crossed!

Anonymous said

i LOOOOVE your oyasumi punpun stars!! That manga just doesnt get enough love. Thank you!!

Aaaa thanks so much! And I agree, I don’t think it’s a manga for everyone but gosh darn if it isn’t a roller coaster ride to read *u*

Also I noticed my paper stars post is going around without my comments, so if anyone sees it without it, please don’t reblog it or just tack on my comment wahhh @_@

darkwhale said

you're not gonna sell your ghost pokemon one?

OH YEAH I’ll be selling those too! I have a small amount of them left so I was planning on selling those too. I thought that last ask was specifically for Ace Attorney/Ghost Trick oops

I’ll make a post and a full list of things I’ll be selling when the date comes near! Right now I’m still in the process of making several things that I plan on selling /u\

Still confused on what paper stars are? This’ll be a little card in each of my paper star packets from now on! I have a limited space to work with so this is what I could fit~

Food adventures!

Anonymous said

Hi there, I'm going to be at fanime, and I was just wondering, do ou know what prints you're planning on bringing? (Any Ace Attorney or ghost trick stuff especially) and will you be taking comissions On the spot there? Thanks! ^^

Hello! I’m bringing the AA one I just posted, which probably will be it in terms of prints! ;v; I’m also in the middle of playing Ghost Trick so I won’t have a print ready, but I will be doing commissions and you can request both of these series! ^^

Steel Samurai convention photoshoot

I think this will be the last of the snapshot series for now, gotta work on other art priorities for clubs/art gallery and other prints and charms for Fanime ahhh. Might edit this later for printing

Trying new things with this one, Kuragehime lovelies!

I got real nostalgic about Vocaloids and all the vocaloid/utattemita songs I have so I had to draw the main guys again! I wish I could fit all 87492 of them in one of these pictures

Also I will be selling these and the previous snapshot prints at Fanime!

Whew I think this will be my last set for the week hopefully! Anyway Vocaloids are very dear to me and I am a sucker for rainbows so here are some paper stars of themmmmm ;u; I really want to do the rest (specifically the AH-Software family and the VYs and basically 84728 other ones) but that will be a goal for another dayyyy… in the far future…

I will be selling these and other paper stars at Fanime and in my store!

oh right, I took progress shots of the last picture /u\

Everybody say “Fuzzy Pickles!”

Boom, some Ghibli movie paper stars! ;w; These were printed on a glossier paper stock on a different printer so they turned out a little darker, oops, but the patterns are still pretty good on them! And these will suffice for photos until I have to go buy more color ink for my main printer ahahah >,) also playing around with posting preview images

I will be selling these and other paper stars at Fanime and in my store!