Super busy atm with lots of things, but I finished my comic for the apizine! Here’s a little doodle of the main character as a magical girl huhu. There’s about a week until the deadline for it, so go ahead and submit! >3

I put a few new things in the shop! I have framed piece up and a bunch of hand drawn stickers up. All of them are the only one of their kind so if you wanted one, you should grab em now hehe. Also I still get a lot of inquiries about my Kingdom Hearts stickers that I took off my site, so I revamped the sheet and put them back up for those who wanted one

Also again my shipping schedule is every Monday or Tuesday! I don’t have any more big vacations come up so this will be what I will stick too.

Aw geez thanks a bunch Anon!! ;; it means so much to me and I’m super flattered fkdndjsbsjdn

Mew mew, a rather catty stationary set appears!

Each set includes 5 sheets (1 of each design), 5 circle stickers (1 of each design), and 5 envelopes. You can choose from kraft or black envelopes too, and the stickers are kiss-cut! The set will come packaged as shown too /v\

You can get these at my Storenvy!

Anonymous said

Did you use PS for your recent drawings because they're absolutely amazinggg

Thank you so much! And yes, I used PS for them~

and more short color doodle studies!

I rewatched marathoned all of Uchouten Kazoku (Eccentric Family) today and I had to manifest my idiot blood somehow TTvTT In paper star form! You can get them in my Storenvy

I made paper star patterns from sweet shoppe stationary set! /v\ I really love these colors aha

You can get them in my Storenvy!

Anonymous said

Hello! I recently saw your stickers with the bananas and marshmellow! I was wondering if those were already in your shop before or f I'm super late and lame ;u;

I haven’t actually put them in my shop yet! I’m waiting until I make a few more and put all of them up. I’m gonna estimate maybe next week I’ll do it or so? Either way I’ll make a post about them! Thank you QvQ

I got new business cards and I AM SO HAPPY!!! AAAA They turned out so cute omgmgm

a moving sketch that I got tired halfway through, might go back to it, might not, but it was fun playing around with things~

Also Jojo things because oh my heart!! I’m reading part 6 now gosh Im blasting through it… I LIKE ALL THE PARTS but my favs are 4 and 2!! But I love 5 and 1 too TTvTT

And I did a group order with friends and Lily (smiliees@tumblr) took pictures of my prism card and I’m so excited for them to come!! Check out her food one aaaaa, I’ll put preorders for them later and after I do more jojo stuff B,)

Preview of a new stationary set!! *v* just gotta get the envelopes and finish the stickers~

Sticker packs in which I can’t spell and the sweet shoppe stickers and packaging!

I also a shop update: I ordered a ton of envelopes a week ago and I’m waiting them for them to arrive before I ship all my orders. Thanks for your patience everyone!

A galaxy of tatamis! I’m so happy I finally did this ahhhh, I like both versions so here they are~