I finished chapter 1 of my webcomic yesterday and I’m really really excited!! I’ve gotta get a site and do a few more other things for it, and then I’ll finally be able to start posting it ;v; stay tuned!

And also photos of packaging and prints for Pikmin zine that are still for preorder in shop!

aaaa another stationery set, a dream’s sky! Comes with 5 sheets + 5 envelopes + 5 stickers. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while and finally got around to it!

ALSO I beat Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney last weekend too!! I haven’t been able to draw anything for it yet but I hope to soon, I loved it a whole bunch ;__; It’s a dream come true

Anyhoo doodles and sparkley stickers! The sparkling is hard to get a good shot of

Thank you!! the chase part of the fight was so long and nerve wracking because of the music TT TT also I have no idea what it is and it’s kinda scary since it didn’t really die, I thought it was a sap or melted gold version of the water wraith!

The rest of my zipper bag designs came in today, so now all my bags are finally here!! I’ll be shipping the remaining preorders tomorrow, thanks for your patience!

I’m so happy with how all of them turned out, and now that I finally have them all, whew! I also updated my storenvy with limited amounts of each too

Aa hello hello everyone! I finished organizing and drawing my Pikmin zine, "to my small friends", and it’s finally up for preorder!

The book is saddle stitched, 5.5” x 8.0”, with 20 pages full of my Pikmin art along with new illustrations and sketches, as a tiny bundle of love for this series.

There are two tiers, the regular book (comes with 1 random print) and the full bloom deluxe set (includes both prints + 1 postcard), and I’ll be adding some small goodies to all of them!

Preorders will end on the 15th and the zine won’t come with the extra stuff after that! Thank you! ;v;


Another brief Animal Crackers update!

I slept way early last night (6PM) and woke up way early today (3AM) so I decided to work on the game some more. I added something I’ve been incorrectly calling flavor text. When you pass by an animal a very brief mini-profile including a name and description will appear in the bottom left corner. The other empty squares are for items you can pick up throughout this game.

Ideally this will be done by the end of the month. I think it’s possible since I don’t have too much left to do on my end in terms of hard coding. Somehow I managed to code this thing somewhat decently, so maintaining it has been fairly seamless. You don’t want to hear much about those type of details though, so I’ll stop. :P

I hope you enjoy this when it comes out!

a screenshot Saturday of our game!

my sister and I play Pikmin 3 and also she stinks at it >(

today’s pikpikmins

sappy pikmin comic ;v; also tried out kyle webster’s screentone brushes and finding a quick comic style too! these are gonna be in my pikmin zine~

some more speedpaint warmups and playing around with photos! planning a very short pikmin zine with these~


On Shoulders of Giants - Shadow of the Colossus zine (PREVIEW)

Here’s a preview of some of the art that will be featured in the fan art book I am currently curating! Going left to right, the artwork seen here is by: Mike Horowitz ( mikejwitz ), Caitlin Rose Boyle ( sadsadkiddie ), Justin Woo (me), Michy Soong ( michysoong / punimelt ), Valerie Gamra ( cocochi ), Justin Chan ( justinchan ), Renee “Rolos” P ( laughingbear ), Ashley Davis ( stripedbirds ), Joel Carroll ( joelcarroll ), Dennie Bright ( denniebright ), and Jessica Mao ( jessicamao ). Still more news and reveals to come!

I’m hoping to have the book finished and printed for Winter 2014 with pre-orders opening up soon. Stay tuned!


Aw heck yes, check out this amazing art book! ;v; I’m so happy to be with a buncha cool artists and friends, stay tuned for it to come out!

Yahoo a paper star update!

I put a bunch of new paper star designs up today: eggs, cats, and boba! I also put up the Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright ones up, too, and the Vocaloid ones since apparently I deleted them by accident, oops.

all in my storenvy here!

it’s so hot I just wanna swim or something uou

took some nicer pictures of the set and printed out stickers too! finding nice lighting is hard sometimes /v\