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it's phone case anon again, but being more specific I was thinking the paper star designs would look good patterned for a case!

Ahhh yeah that’s true! I think some other designs I’ve done can work too, I’ll see when I got the time to set them up ;v; thanks a lot anon for your input!

I also drew Steven a little while ago over on twitter for the Steven Universe Twitter Collab /v\

AH Another quick shop update post!! I have the ALBW Zipper Bags on preorder at my Storenvy~They’re going to be in very limited supply and I do not know when I will restock them again, so if you wanted one for sure, please order now!

Preorders will be open until August 10 and will come with some bonus Legend of Zelda stickers! The bags are made from polyester fabric, measures 7”x4”, are double sided, and has a mini zipper pocket on the inside.

I also hope I can sneak in some new designs for zipper bags, too, so stay tuned hopefully? >,3

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have you ever thought of making phone cases? i think yours would be really cute!

Aahh I was thinking about it! I’m looking for the best way to make them/best place to sell them, but I’m not sure what designs would work well as a phone case ;v; let me know if you had a specific picture in mind and I can see what I can do!

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Do you use any websites for your amazing prints?

Ahhh thank you! I print my prints locally or online at CatPrint, and most other things (stationary, paper stars, stickers) I print at home!

OMG AND my Jojo prism bookmarks came in today too aaaaa *v* So I finished kiss-cutting the sticker sets and I have them all done. Main Jojo kids and antagonists of each part! The bookmarks are printed by JiMi, thank you so much!

And they’re up on my Storenvy!- stickers and bookmark. And if you get both sticker sets, I’ll throw in the bookmark as a bonus too ☆

Next next time I’m going to make… more Jojo bookmarks… yES, my goal is to draw all of them one day. Someday!

I’m a little late but I wanted to do something for the MOTHER series’ 25th Anniversary! So of course I made a stationery set ;v;

This series has a nice place in my heart ;x; I love each game so muchhh. I’ve actually yet to play MOTHER, but I’m watching a Let’s Play with my partner and I’ve been listening to its soundtracks and I’m in love with it already.

Anyhoo, the stationery set has 5 designs and envelopes, and this time comes with 7 kiss-cut creature stickers! *v* You can get them in my storenvy here!

Hehehe preview of some kiss cut Jojo stickers! I’m really excited about these ahhhh


I couldn’t sleep, so I worked on programming some dynamic lighting for upcoming Animal Crackers! If you don’t know, dynamic lighting is super useful because it allows us to change the colors and tint of objects in real-time without having to create additional recolored sprite sheets. Though typically talked about in 3D games, the usage of dynamic lighting go way back, even some NES games used it!

However, images don’t say enough, so here’s a video showing it in action! I also may or may not have been rocking out to Weird Al when recording and I may or may not have accidentally had the music get captured with the video, but it’s nearly 6AM so y’know, enjoy the clip along with the music. :)

Also needless to say,t his is a very very very very very early draft. The final will look and feel significantly different.

EDIT: Yo, I had no idea I synced the gameplay to Weird Al so well. That wasn’t intentional. I guess I just instinctively moved to the music… Well, that’s really funny actually!

Hurray, more WIP of our game Animal Crackers! =D

and omg it synced really well aslkdnalks

Yvette draws a chicken and cousins and bloops

Be free, Roma!

sketchbook party from today and stuff since a week ago! a sparrow and tanuki family while drawing with a friend, doodles and some gestures outside, ping pong crossing, a bunch of me’s and patapons and loco rocos

Super busy atm with lots of things, but I finished my comic for the apizine! Here’s a little doodle of the main character as a magical girl huhu. There’s about a week until the deadline for it, so go ahead and submit! >3

I put a few new things in the shop! I have framed piece up and a bunch of hand drawn stickers up. All of them are the only one of their kind so if you wanted one, you should grab em now hehe. Also I still get a lot of inquiries about my Kingdom Hearts stickers that I took off my site, so I revamped the sheet and put them back up for those who wanted one

Also again my shipping schedule is every Monday or Tuesday! I don’t have any more big vacations come up so this will be what I will stick too.

Aw geez thanks a bunch Anon!! ;; it means so much to me and I’m super flattered fkdndjsbsjdn