Aha I finished it!! Another Pikmin 3 drawing, started this morning aaaaaa ;v; I love drawing fruits!

I shipped a buncha orders today and I finished a comic page I’ve been wanting to draw for years ;v; super happy!! almost near the end of chapter 1 of clover club and then I can start posting it!

sketchoos of pauline and conti

A short comic with a knight I drew a while ago! I made this way back in May and sold a few copies at Fanime, so I’ve been itching to post this in full for a while ;v; I hope to print it eventually with some friends!

animal crossing speedpaint! I love the modern wood set ;;

and 15ish minute color speedpaints with magic and Conti the magician!

testing colors and textures out, as well as being warmups for comic pages!

some sketchbook/kraft draws with Emily and Yvette! accidental cold showers, bras, and naked cuddling

I also drew some smut this private post here! look if you’re comfortable, nothing too hardcore but I’m happy with these sketches qvq

Sorry for not posting a bunch lately, I’ve been working hard on my comic and other things!! *v* and packing orders! Here are some goodies for people who preordered zipper bags~

WAHAHA FIRST BATCH OF ZIPPER BAGS CAME IN!! I’ll be finishing up the preorder bonus goodies and shipping them as soon as I can! If you preordered them, keep an eye out on your emails~

I ordered the other designs after these ones, so they’ll be arriving a little later! After they all arrive and after I ship all preorders I’ll open a limited amount of them in my shop.

The cello bags I got came in today and now I can play around with packaging eeeeee ^q^ now I wanna make more charms aaaaa

adventures with ghost and dog friends

a ghost!

tiny little jojos for charms! sobs I drew these in like 2 other styles before finding one that looked how I wanted them to look like, I’m happy with how these turned out! /v\

AWWYES I finished all my Pikmin things! ;v; I’m so happy ahh

Stationery sets are in my Storenvy here and include the usual 5 sheets, 5 kraft envelopes, and 6 kiss cut stickers. The paper stars I posted before are in my shop now too!

now I’m going reward myself by playing more Pikmin hehe

Anon 1: thank you! I hope you do too, where and whoever you are!

Anon 2: I use a regular HP Photosmart printer/scanner!

Anon 3: I don’t feel comfortable sharing this kind of info, but I do profit from my storenvy and I make more than I originally thought I would! ;v;

Scribbles my OTP babies growing up on scraps of paper, I love them so much ;__;