some more speedpaint warmups and playing around with photos! planning a very short pikmin zine with these~


On Shoulders of Giants - Shadow of the Colossus zine (PREVIEW)

Here’s a preview of some of the art that will be featured in the fan art book I am currently curating! Going left to right, the artwork seen here is by: Mike Horowitz ( mikejwitz ), Caitlin Rose Boyle ( sadsadkiddie ), Justin Woo (me), Michy Soong ( michysoong / punimelt ), Valerie Gamra ( cocochi ), Justin Chan ( justinchan ), Renee “Rolos” P ( laughingbear ), Ashley Davis ( stripedbirds ), Joel Carroll ( joelcarroll ), Dennie Bright ( denniebright ), and Jessica Mao ( jessicamao ). Still more news and reveals to come!

I’m hoping to have the book finished and printed for Winter 2014 with pre-orders opening up soon. Stay tuned!


Aw heck yes, check out this amazing art book! ;v; I’m so happy to be with a buncha cool artists and friends, stay tuned for it to come out!

Yahoo a paper star update!

I put a bunch of new paper star designs up today: eggs, cats, and boba! I also put up the Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright ones up, too, and the Vocaloid ones since apparently I deleted them by accident, oops.

all in my storenvy here!

it’s so hot I just wanna swim or something uou

took some nicer pictures of the set and printed out stickers too! finding nice lighting is hard sometimes /v\

Anonymous said

Ah, good luck for AOD! I'm going to all of those but Expo, so hopefully I'll see you at one :3 I love your stuff, so I realllly wanna buy your new things :D

Aw thanks so much, I’m glad you like them! Fingers crossed I can table soon! ^^

speedpaint of the day! wollywogs are really cute ;; wanna make a few more pikmin ones

Anonymous said

Do you know what conventions in the bay area you'll be going to (to sell)during this convention season/year? I bought stuff from you at fanime (and i love it all!) But I realllllly want some of those AA paper stars....

Ahh thank you from buying from me at Fanime! QvQ unfortunately I’m not for-sure selling at any cons this season. I’m on the waitlist for Krackencon in Oakland (not sure if I’ll make it) and I’m aiming to table at Animation on Display (AOD) in SF!! Wish me luck because I really really hope to table at AOD! QvQ

I’ll also be applying to Fanime again and have tentative plans for AX! I also want to try next Sacanime and other cons, so we’ll see how it goes~

finished these while waiting for AA VS PL to download! TTvTT So excited for it!

also been super productive today- finished comic pages, stationery, cleaned, did school stuff, got new blinds, and burned through allergies ( ̄ー ̄)9 the layton stars are actually a remake of old ones I did years ago too~

will put these in shop later on!

"Breakfast Today" stationery set! Was inspired by eating pancakes and eggs and sausages this morning mmmm, so good

As usual, the set includes set includes:

  • 5 sheets (1 of each design)
  • 5 kiss cut stickers (1 of each design)
  • 5 kraft envelopes

in my storenvy here!

Packaging and goodies from last week! Getting ready to pack stationary, Pikmin stickers, and katamari zipper bag preorder goodies!

a sleepy pup

Aha I finished it!! Another Pikmin 3 drawing, started this morning aaaaaa ;v; I love drawing fruits!

I shipped a buncha orders today and I finished a comic page I’ve been wanting to draw for years ;v; super happy!! almost near the end of chapter 1 of clover club and then I can start posting it!

sketchoos of pauline and conti

A short comic with a knight I drew a while ago! I made this way back in May and sold a few copies at Fanime, so I’ve been itching to post this in full for a while ;v; I hope to print it eventually with some friends!